It starts with the journey. Moving deliberately through the water sailing slowly towards the horizon and leaving the mainland behind. This gentle process seems to break the bonds that tie us to the stresses and strains of our ‘ordinary’ lives.

This is not something to be endured – it’s something to be enjoyed and savoured. Part of the unburdening process, accompanied by anticipation, that is completed as you take your first step onto the island.

The tranquil beauty of this island never fails to amaze. Whether it’s your first visit, or one of many in a long line of visits, the impact of the shape and form of the land, the wide and open sky, the crystal clear water and the vivid colours never fails to press the heart and still the turmoil.

Some will navigate the uncertainty to visit the island this year. Others will wait with increasing anticipation for next summer before they visit. An extreme case of deferred gratification!

Towards Tranquillity