There’s been something of a growing trend in the production of books showing historic photographs placed alongside contemporary images of the same location. It’s a bit like a cultural ‘spot the difference’ exercise and can be great fun in appreciating how favourite locations have changed over the years. Perhaps it’s something to do with wanting to make a connection to our past and feel part of a bigger picture.

I’ve created our own ‘then and now’ showing the view of our part of Balemartine in 1928 and now in 2020. Some interesting changes. The old byre, on the left, with its felt roof, has had many uses over the last ninety-two years.

This humble building has been a real asset to four generations. Originally a wash house and byre for over-wintering the milking cow, it was also used as a workshop and a store room. In the 1950s a garage was added. It was transformed in 2002 to a gallery and in 2016 to a self-catering cottage. Quite a history.

Perhaps it deserves its own television programme – A Byre Through Time.

Then and Now