We’ve enjoyed seeing Oystercatchers on the beach this week. They are an iconic bird on the island. With their bold black and white plumage, bright orange-red bills and strident piping calls, they are one of the most instantly familiar birds. We’ve seen them probing for worms on the beach in the dry, warm sand. Large, noisy flocks of Oystercatchers gathered on the sandy beaches are one of the first signs of spring on the island.

Although declining elsewhere, populations of most breeding wader species remain strong on the island and, if anything, numbers of breeding Oystercatchers have increased here in the last thirty years.

A couple of swallows have been visiting the beach in the last few days. It’s been lovely to see them swooping across the beach displaying amazing aerial acrobatics.

All signs that the year is moving on and we’re close to the heart of spring.

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