Blue Beyond Cottage is now our home. We moved from Sunbeam, a distance of only 8 meters, in November. The decision to downsize, perhaps taken rashly in view of a predicted rise in sea levels, and to live even closer to the shore, came about after having time to re-evaluate our lives during lockdown. We have discovered that moving, or more specifically downsizing, has given us a new perspective on life. Perhaps life perspectives have changed for everyone in 2021 and we are all wrestling with what is important in our world.

I’m hoping to share our experience of living on the coast more regularly with observations of the ever changing sea and shore.

The year has begun with the usual mix of calm spells and storms! We’ve really begun to appreciate the power of the sea – storms Arwen and Barra brought in huge, and spectacular breakers. We were shaken but not stirred!


New Beginning