The last few days have been wild and windy. There’s no doubt that this is the start of winter and we’re entering the season of storms.

We always wonder what will be revealed as the wind-driven sea scours the beach just below the cottage. Each winter, as the sand is eroded and relocated along the beach, the history of our township is revealed. Discarded household objects are tantalisingly uncovered and we have great fun speculating about who they belonged to, how they were used and why they were consigned to the midden.

Alongside the ubiquitous glass bottles, broken crockery and kitchen utensils we sometimes find exotic, unusual and bizarre objects.

This winter we’ve already found an old stock pot which would have been suspended over the kitchen range in one of the cottages and an old sewing machine!  An old tailor used to live in the house next to ours many years ago. Could this be one of his old machines – discarded after many years of making and mending clothes for the whole township.



Making and Mending