Year of Coasts and Waters

2020 has been designated as a year in which Scotland’s Coast and Waters will be showcased and celebrated. Throughout the year visitors will be encouraged to enjoy and celebrate the unrivalled coastlines of Scotland.

There’s no better place than the cottage to find the beauty, peace and inspiration found on the coast. The beach below the cottage is accessed by a grassed footpath adjacent to the cottage. Its easterly facing position gives spectacular views towards the Isles of Mull and Iona and it is a great place from which to admire Hebridean sunrises, coastal birds and marine wildlife.

An August Beach

We’ve had an amazing week of sunny, hot days. Long and lazy. Perfect for the beach – for exploring and discovering the treasures that can be found along the shore.

The light shimmers in a staccato rhythm on the sea
Sand lies low awaiting the massage of the next tide
Rocks bake in the sun and glisten like jewels
Water laps and brings a gentle and refreshing repetition
An August beach, a summer medley.

Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon

We’ve had a remarkable spell of settled weather this week. Each day has been warm and sunny well into the evening – with hardly any breeze – unusual for Tiree. The beach below the cottage has been well used by a good variety of folk – young and old – spending time enjoying the delights of beach-combing, rock-pooling, swimming, kayaking building sandcastles and evening barbecues. The tides have been at their highest and lowest this week and we’ve seen sow thistles along the edge of the dunes for the first time in a long while.



The Sound of Music

It’s that time of distant tents, music carried by the wind and very busy roads. Yes – Tiree Music Festival is here again! We can see the festival site from the beach below the cottage and hear the music as each band takes to the stage. We find that the window is a brilliant volume control – if we like the music we can open it fully, if we don’t, we can close the window and wait for another band to come along!

Barra Beach

We’ve just returned from a short break on the island of Barra. Although it’s slightly smaller in size than Tiree it has double the population. Fishing seems to be a major activity on the island and tourism obviously makes a major contribution to the economy. Although Barra is very different in many respects to our island the beaches are just as spectacular. This is a view from a small beach at Cleat looking north to the coast of Eoligarry.

Iridescent Sea

Another beautiful day. This time the sun is accompanied by a strong breeze which is whipping the surface of the sea and driving streams of sand across the beach. Not the ideal conditions for a picnic but a visual delight. The sea is a patchwork of amazing colours – deep, rich and iridescent.

Beach Days

After quite a few days of mixed weather – which brought smiles and frowns in equal measure – we’ve had a stunning day of bright sunshine. It’s been incredibly calm and the colours on the beach below the cottage have been spectacular. Lots of interesting finds lying along the strand line – shells, pottery, sea-washed glass and sheep’s teeth! A day to relish.

Running on Empty

It’s been an exciting day at the cottage – we’ve had runners pounding by on the road – striding out to complete the Tiree 10k and Half Marathon. Full of purpose and determination they passed us twice – once on the way down to Hynish then on the way back. There were smiles and waves and everyone looked very relaxed. It was bright and breezy – perfect for a run and even better for those of us who chose the tough option of spectating!

True Colours

In May we often get amazing days when the sun strikes across the beach with stunning effect. The sand, rocks, sea and sky display a vibrancy that pulls you back to childhood and to those long summer days when everything seemed to shimmer with light and colour. This little corner amongst the rocks, just below the cottage, is a favourite spot when family visit and we light beach fires and toast marshmallows in the evenings. As we sit and stare into the flames we share memories of summers past and make new ones to be remembered in the summers to come.

They’re Back!

Yes – after an absence of six months – we’ve got Corncrake on the island again. Calling males are making their presence felt on the headland by the cottage and in the fields to the west. Because of their abrupt departure in autumn and their sudden arrival in the spring – and their preference for leaving and arriving in the dark – tradition on the island was that these elusive birds hibernated underground in the winter – only emerging in the warmer weather of spring. We now know that, amazingly, young from the first brood head south to their wintering grounds in West Africa as soon as they are fit enough to leave Tiree. Heading south alone on a journey they have never been on before, they cross oceans and deserts to reach lush grasslands in West Africa. Geo-locater studies have revealed that later in the winter, Scottish birds all then cross over the Congo rainforest to spend the mid-winter period in grasslands on the eastern side of the forest. They then seem to head back to West Africa once again before heading north to Scotland in spring. All of this seems quite remarkable for a bird that would rather run across a Tiree road than fly!