We’ve only had a fraction of our usual visitors to the island this year. For most of the summer travel restrictions meant that only essential visitors were allowed to arrive and the island enjoyed a time of relative quietude.

Of course, for those who didn’t need permission to sail or fly the island has been a haven and a sanctuary. We’ve been delighted to see so many of our usual resident birds thriving this year – numbers have been encouraging and they’ve been much more visible than usual. We’ve even had some rare species on the island.

In our celebrity obsessed world –  we’ve had a visitor this week that’s attracted a lot of attention. All the way from North America – and way off course – Tiree has been home to a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher. The twitchers have been here and the airport has been full of camouflage, cameras and scopes! Photo | John Bowler RSPB Tiree

Cowardly Flycatcher