Our township of Balemartine has a string of small beaches laid out in a line of shimmering sand which separates the lush green of the land from the turquoise blue of the sea. These small coves are punctuated by a tumble and jumble of ancient rocks which form interesting sitooteries. Sitooteries – it’s a Scottish word – are places where you can have a breather or short respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. In these times of enforced isolation they are places to think and ponder.

The ones along the shore are just natural resting paces – nothing grand or fancy made of timber, stone or slate – somewhere sheltered to sit comfortably. A place of retreat or for private reflection – a hidden place to admire the view, the sound of bird call or the movement of water against land.

These simple sights and sounds persist despite all the storms of the world.


Beach Sitooteries