Sun Glitter

The beach is bathed in a clear, white light this morning. It’s running over the rocks – causing deep shadows and colourful highlights. It’s gently brushing the beach with a bright warmth. On the water it’s glistening and sparkling to the south and east and creating sun glitter all the way to the horizon. The glitter is caused by the appearance of multitudes of small images of the sun formed as the wavelets move and orientate themselves correctly to reflect the sun’s light to our eyes. It’s beautiful this morning.


Restorative Days

For a long time summer seemed like a very distant prospect. The past winter on the island was muscular and harsh – and seemed to go on, and on, and on. For weeks we battled through atrocious weather. Spring was slow to develop and came in with bone numbing temperatures. Lambs were born into a brumal world and had to survive prolonged spells of cold, wet weather.

Now, however, that is all behind us – and almost forgotten – and we’re luxuriating in a world of warmth and vivid colours. Sunrise is anticipated, mornings are times of excitement and expectation and days are long and restorative. Spirits are high. Summer is here.