Very, Very Quiet

Christmas and Boxing Day have come and gone – and we’ve gone from very quiet to very, very quiet in the space of a couple of days. In short order we’ve weathered the announcement of the Brexit Trade and Cooperation Agreement, a monastically quiet Christmas, the descent into Tier 4 and Storm Bella. Amazingly, we’re still standing! Walks along the beach have helped. We’re surrounded by amazing beauty and privileged to know, and appreciate, the peace and quiet of island life during the winter. Not sure what new challenges we’ll all be facing in the coming months. Looking forward to welcoming visitors to the island during the summer. This is an amazing place to heal wounds, restore the soul and reflect on the beauty of nature.

Hope To Be Lived

The grey has gone – for now. The air is crystal clear and the clouds are plump and soft edged. The vivid colours have returned and unashamedly catch the eye. The beach has been pounded and scoured clean by the recent storms. For now there is peace to be enjoyed and hope to be lived.