Lively Lumpiness

Another spectacular morning on the beach just below the cottage – a southwesterly wind is driving the sea onto the beach. There are white horses and the sea has a beautiful, ‘lively lumpiness’ all the way to the horizon. At this time of the year – when the sun is much lower in the sky – the play of light  heightens the topography and texture across the landscape. It’s hard to improve on perfection – but nature just keeps on doing it!

Year of Coasts and Waters

2020 has been designated as a year in which Scotland’s Coast and Waters will be showcased and celebrated. Throughout the year visitors will be encouraged to enjoy and celebrate the unrivalled coastlines of Scotland.

There’s no better place than the cottage to find the beauty, peace and inspiration found on the coast. The beach below the cottage is accessed by a grassed footpath adjacent to the cottage. Its easterly facing position gives spectacular views towards the Isles of Mull and Iona and it is a great place from which to admire Hebridean sunrises, coastal birds and marine wildlife.