An August Beach

We’ve had an amazing week of sunny, hot days. Long and lazy. Perfect for the beach – for exploring and discovering the treasures that can be found along the shore.

The light shimmers in a staccato rhythm on the sea
Sand lies low awaiting the massage of the next tide
Rocks bake in the sun and glisten like jewels
Water laps and brings a gentle and refreshing repetition
An August beach, a summer medley.

Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon

We’ve had a remarkable spell of settled weather this week. Each day has been warm and sunny well into the evening – with hardly any breeze – unusual for Tiree. The beach below the cottage has been well used by a good variety of folk – young and old – spending time enjoying the delights of beach-combing, rock-pooling, swimming, kayaking building sandcastles and evening barbecues. The tides have been at their highest and lowest this week and we’ve seen sow thistles along the edge of the dunes for the first time in a long while.