Barra Beach

We’ve just returned from a short break on the island of Barra. Although it’s slightly smaller in size than Tiree it has double the population. Fishing seems to be a major activity on the island and tourism obviously makes a major contribution to the economy. Although Barra is very different in many respects to our island the beaches are just as spectacular. This is a view from a small beach at Cleat looking north to the coast of Eoligarry.

Iridescent Sea

Another beautiful day. This time the sun is accompanied by a strong breeze which is whipping the surface of the sea and driving streams of sand across the beach. Not the ideal conditions for a picnic but a visual delight. The sea is a patchwork of amazing colours – deep, rich and iridescent.

Beach Days

After quite a few days of mixed weather – which brought smiles and frowns in equal measure – we’ve had a stunning day of bright sunshine. It’s been incredibly calm and the colours on the beach below the cottage have been spectacular. Lots of interesting finds lying along the strand line – shells, pottery, sea-washed glass and sheep’s teeth! A day to relish.