Running on Empty

It’s been an exciting day at the cottage – we’ve had runners pounding by on the road – striding out to complete the Tiree 10k and Half Marathon. Full of purpose and determination they passed us twice – once on the way down to Hynish then on the way back. There were smiles and waves and everyone looked very relaxed. It was bright and breezy – perfect for a run and even better for those of us who chose the tough option of spectating!

True Colours

In May we often get amazing days when the sun strikes across the beach with stunning effect. The sand, rocks, sea and sky display a vibrancy that pulls you back to childhood and to those long summer days when everything seemed to shimmer with light and colour. This little corner amongst the rocks, just below the cottage, is a favourite spot when family visit and we light beach fires and toast marshmallows in the evenings. As we sit and stare into the flames we share memories of summers past and make new ones to be remembered in the summers to come.