Looking East

We have a glorious day here on the island. Standing on the beach below the cottage with the sun at my back – I can see the outline of the islands to the east standing clearly against the sky. Mull and Iona form a backdrop to this spectacular view. We’re so fortunate to live on this dramatic coast.

Pearly Grey Sky

We seem to be moving into the autumn – the last few days have been cooler and the island landscape is cloaked in a blanket of muted colours. The light has taken on a pearly greyness and we’re living under a sky which is drained and less vibrant. Only last week we were enjoying colourful sunsets and warming ourselves on a beach fire!

Sunset Stones

We’ve had the most amazing sunsets this week. Evenings on the beach – lighting fires, toasting marshmallows and barbecuing with the family – have been a real pleasure. The sky has been a colourful, textured background to all our activities.