Glistening Bay

Another spectacular day on the island. Along the coast a gentle breeze keeps the temperature at a bearable level. Wonderful views towards the east across the glistening bay. Sandy Denny wrote some evocative lyrics about the coast:
A handful of small coloured flowers were nestling in the grass
I tossed them to the blustery sky and watched them as they danced
Oh the fickle sea I’ve always loved and to this very day
I’ll see those flowers come floating down towards the glistening bay.


We’ve seen otters on the beach below the cottage on many occasions – sometimes at midday in bright sunshine. We were delighted to see a dog otter swim by on Saturday evening as we were welcoming our new guests. In coastal areas otters were often thought of as diurnal (active in the day) – but a recent study on Skye found that they are active day and night – with their behaviour divided between fishing, eating, grooming and sleeping.