New Roof Ridge

We’ve been working over the last three days to replace the old lead and zinc ridge on the cottage. This job was left over when we re-roofed the cottage with fibreglass last summer. The new ridge is constructed in wood and coated in fibreglass. We took the opportunity to re-coat the whole roof with a new grey topcoat. This latest piece of work unifies all the sections of the cottage – and give a clean ridge-line to the whole building. Hopefully, we won’t need to do any more work on the roof for some time – and our guests will be cosy, dry and warm.

Calling Again

We’re enjoying some ‘real’ summer weather here on the island. Waking each morning to a spectacular light show of reds and oranges on the eastern horizon and then accompanied by bright sunshine and clear skies for the whole day. After a day of bleaching and burning the sun slips down to the west and we experience a son et lumière of dancing and decaying light – accompanied by the calling of the corncrake.

Full of Gusto

It seems that we’re in for a lovely week – promises of warm, bright, clear sunny days as high pressure builds up to the west. This is always such an optimistic time of the year – clearing skies, warmer and longer days – the return of the corncrake and shoreline birds full of energy, collecting nesting material and singing with gusto.