Looking South

We’ve had some of the best views to the south – towards Jura, Islay and Colonsay – when we’ve had the occasional clear, bright morning. The experience of viewing distant islands – from an island – reminds me of being joined by the shared experience of island living and awakens an eternity of possibilities as you scan the horizon.

A Lot of Weather

As someone once said to me when I was younger “we’ve had a lot of weather this week!” The edge of Storm Caroline brushed past earlier in the week causing huge waves and beautiful rainbows in the spume, and on Friday we woke to find a dusting of snow. These significant weather events always bring amazing qualities to the landscape and give us fresh insights into the beauty of this island.


Unfurling and Relaxing

We’ve loved having guests in the cottage during this last year. Although the weather has been mixed at times it’s been wonderful watching people visibly unfurl as they relax into the quiet, unrushed way of life here. The peaceful, beach-side location, has provided a place of reflection and re-creation. We’re looking forward to welcoming more guests next year – hoping for sunny and warm days and long, balmy evenings.