Big Sky

We’ve been enjoying some beautiful sunrises and sunsets in recent days. The cottage faces east and affords wonderful views towards Mull and Iona with spectacular lighting effects as the sun rises over Ben More. In the evening, as the sun sets behind the cottage, the clouds are illuminated in spectacular fashion by the golden light of the setting sun. Visitors to the island always remark on the ‘big sky’ and the uninterrupted views in all directions.

A Short Respite

What a beautiful day we’ve just had. The inevitable move into autumn with it’s shorter and cooler days was halted. Today was bright, sunny and warm. A lovely reminder of the best of the summer days now gone, and a short respite from the teeth-chattering temperatures of recent days.

Autumn Days

As the days become more autumnal – the sun becomes lower in the sky and the arch it describes becomes more shallow. As the days shorten the shadows cast across the landscape lengthen. This lowering light creates amazing effects which emphasis the undulations of the land. On the beach below the cottage this shallow light looks particularly beautiful at this time of year.

A Years Turning

We seem to have lost those long bright days of summer as we slide into cooler days and longer nights. Memories of sunny days on the beach below the cottage, barbecues and toasted marshmallows are still strong. We’re looking forward to the spectacular seas and skies of autumn and winter. In every season, at all times throughout the year there is always something to catch the eye, to marvel at, to admire and to enjoy.