Slanting beams

After a rather unspectacular day – we were treated to an amazing light-show this evening. The rocks, on the beach below the cottage were caught in slanting beams of beautiful straw-coloured light. Mull, Bac Mor and Staffa are just visible in the distance.

Toasted Marshmallows

We’ve had some amazing days and evenings recently – warm and clear until after 10 o’clock – perfect weather for a beach fire and barbecue. I’ve been looking at good sites – somewhere sheltered but with spectacular views. I’ve earmarked a couple of places just below the cottage – perfect locations for when our family visit. Sausages and toasted marshmallows – can’t wait! It’s good to remember that fires should always be on the sand and all traces removed once the embers have cooled.

Flying Visit

We had a lovely visit from Leslie Evans yesterday. Leslie is the permanent secretary to the Scottish Government – the head of the civil service in Scotland. As such, she is the principal policy advisor to the First Minister and secretary to the Scottish cabinet. She was on Tiree meeting folk to find out about island life and the joys and hardships associated with living in a remote community. In the few hours she was on the island she met over thirty people. A flying visit but hugely appreciated by those who met her.

Sea of Tranquility

After a glorious sunny day on the island we enjoyed a tranquil evening. The lowering sun picked out, and highlighted, different elements in the landscape and along the shoreline just below the cottage. What a delight it is to live in such a beautiful place.

Long Shadows

An evening walk on the beach below the cottage is a perfect time to enjoy the intense colours of the land, sea and sky. As the sun falls in the sky towards the horizon it casts long, languid shadows across the landscape.