White Horses

Amazing weather today – everything from snow and hailstones to bright sunshine. The wind has been blowing hard from the north and temperatures have been hovering just above zero. The bonus is that we’ve seen amazing colours in the sea – green and turquoise mixed with cobalt and azure. The wind plucked at the water and we had white horses dancing across the surface of the sea most of the afternoon. A delight of colour and texture.

A Vivid Frontier

Another bright and sunny morning. The crossing by ferry will be spectacular today with views to Skye and Rum in the north and the Treshnish Isles in the south. The gentle journey on the boat gives everyone time to relax and look forward to their holiday on the island described as a ‘vivid frontier of land, sea and sky.’

Quick Change

The weather has been ever changing this week – everything from grey mist to bright sunshine. As the popular expression has it ‘four seasons in a day’. At times, this week, the change has been quicker – and we’ve gone through the cycle in an hour!

Evening Light

After a rather dull and dreich start – misty and grey – the weather improved during the afternoon and we’ve now got a lovely, clear, bright and sunny evening. Great views across the water towards the islands in the east.