Amazing Light

We’ve had very unsettled weather in recent days – high winds courtesy of the troubling twosome – Barbara and Conor – and big seas. Even in these short days when the sky is more often than not dark and forboding, we get the most amazing bursts of light which really illuminate the character of the island. As Leonard Cohen said “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

Let There be Light

On an island with amazing dark skies – the long nights of the winter can seem very dark indeed. Torches are always required when venturing out and reflective bands have been suggested for black cattle so they can be seen as obstructions on the road for any unsuspecting motorists.  This year we have a new ‘ tree’ made up of a galvanised steel structure and cables holding strings of lights.


Light and Dark

We’ve been enjoying some wonderful weather. November has been, for the most part, clear and dry – with spectacular views to Mull and Iona for the cottage. Very occasionally, during bright sunny spells, we get dark threatening clouds scudding overhead bringing amazing atmospheric effects and real depth to the landscape.