Spectacular Show

We’ve enjoyed glorious weather since the weekend. Clear, bright days with spectacular views towards Mull and the Treshnish Islands. The winter colours are all from the ‘Sugar Almond’ range. Ben More is covered in a mantle of snow and Bac Mòr – the Dutchman’s Cap – and Staffa are clearly seen, set against the high sea cliffs of the west of Mull. Pure visual delight.

Into The Winter

As we progress into the winter, with tides increasing in force and winds blowing harder, the beach below the cottage starts to look somewhat stripped back. The structure of the beach – the underlying rock strata – becomes more pronounced. We also begin to see some of the ‘buried treasure’ which has been hidden by the sand during the summer. Some interesting pieces of rusty machinery have been uncovered in recent weeks.



The Sea Comes In …

We’ve left the hazy days of summer behind. On crystal clear autumn days,  when the sun shines, the sea sparkles and white horses rush over the surface – I’m reminded of a poem by John Cooper Clarke:

Now, voyager – once resigned
Go forth to seek and find
The hazy days you left behind
Right there in the back of your mind
Where lucid dreams begin
With rolling dunes and rattling shale
The shoreline then a swollen sail
Picked out by a shimmering halo
That’s where the sea comes in…