One Year Ago

One year ago today we were at the very start of the renovation work – creating Blue Beyond Cottage from our former gallery. We had just poured the concrete floor slab for the new kitchen – heavy work finished in the dark the night before. In the days that followed we assembled, and constructed, the wooden kit. It was all very thrilling and we were filled with excitement and expectation. It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come in just a year.


Spectacular Skies

The autumnal equinox has brought some turbulent and spectacular weather. The transition through this time of equal day and night always seems to bring extraordinary weather events – strong winds, exaggerated high and low tides and spectacular skies. We enjoyed seeing this sunset become more spectacular before the colours faded as we slipped into the gloaming.


Pet Day

Well – what a lovely day it’s been. Warm and sunny on the beach below the cottage. Glorious sky and sea – and lovely autumn colours in the grasses and flowers along the beach margins. On the island these wonderful days – which appear unexpectedly out of a spell of bad weather – are called ‘pet’ days.


Water and Foam

We’re experiencing very mixed weather on the island. We’re have lots of stormy days over the last couple of weeks – and more to come in the next few days. During the worst of this weather – when the sea is pounding on the beach below the cottage – we see every shade of blue and green and amazing patterns in the foam covering the water.


Passing Storms

We’ve had some wild and wonderful weather this weekend. Winds in excess of 60 mph and huge breakers pounding the beach just below the cottage. The sea has been shades of blue-grey – very turbulent – and covered in white horses.