Rainbow Sunset

It’s not often you see the dramatic combination of a spectacular sunset and a rainbow. After a warm, clear and sunny day – we had the gift of an amazing sky this evening – reflected in the ocean and the pools of water along the edge of the rocks.


Evening Light

After a few turbulent days – Friday was particularly wet and windy – the weather has calmed down and the sea has taken on a more tranquil face. The lowering sun in the evening always catches the small bays and rocky outcrops in a flattering light – making them places of colour and texture. Interesting to explore and inspiration for future work.



It’s lovely to see the Montbretia around the cottage blooming with vivid reds and oranges. Although a native of southern and eastern Africa these plant thrive on Tiree. They can be seen along the hedgerows and roadside verges bringing splashes of colour in late summer. Also known as Crocosmia, they are commonly known as coppertips or falling stars in the United States.


To The Beach

We’ve got a new sign on the fence near the cottage. It points out the track to beach and helps to direct visitors to the best beach on the island for sea glass, cowrie shells and sea washed pottery. Thanks for fixing the sign Jamie – it’s perfect.


Calm Evening

The beach below the cottage was a haven of tranquility yesterday evening. The sea, sky and the distant hills were all beautiful pastel colours. Someone once described Tiree as ”an enchanted island … the sea rolls on in miles and miles of sandy bays with opalescent reflections in its pools and shallows … when the sun drops towards the west a gorgeous transformation scene takes place, with a light that never was on sea or land”.