It’s lovely to see folk enjoying the beach just below the cottage – paddling, rockpooling and beachcombing. Lots of treasures to be found – sea glass, sea-washed pottery, shells and pebbles. The beach is scoured each day – and new finds are displayed along, and below, the strandline. On warm, sunny days there is no better way to while away the time.


An Interesting Mix

We’ve had a lovely day –  warm and sunny with clear views to Mull and Iona. I found more amazing sculptural forms caught in the fence at the edge of the beach. This time the predominant colours are greys, browns and blacks. An interesting mix of natural and man-made materials. Inspiration for a painting!!!


Calling Again

Our days and evenings are still filled with the repetitive ‘crek, crek’ of the male corncrake. We have three that call on the headland on either side of the cottage – at this time of year seeking a second, or possibly a third, mate. They’ll have just enough time to have a brood before they start their long journey to south-east Africa. Corncrake undertake some of the longest migrations known amonst birds – sometimes getting lost and turning up in places as far-flung as Vietnam, New Zeland and North America.


Summer Colour

These beautiful lilies are part of the wonderful show of summer flowers in the garden next to the cottage. Our neighbour, John, works hard to grow a wide variety of spectacular plants – and his garden can be enjoyed by everyone who stays in the cottage.


Bright Colours

The weather has been rather mixed in recent days – bright days amongst grey, overcast spells with rain and mist. On the sunny days the flowers along the headland, below the cottage, shine and their bright colours sparkle in the marram grass.


Fence Tangle

We sometimes find the most amazing sculptural forms caught in the sea-washed fence at the south end of our beach. When the tide recedes it leaves behind these wonderful creations – made up of a variety of natural and man-made materials. Inspiration for any artist who happens to be passing.