Another lovely sunny day on the island – the summer continues. The warm weather has prolonged the splendour of the machair – which is still a carpet of yellow and white. The marshy hollows and wetter areas are flooded with the bright ‘flags’ of the yellow iris. These flowers, with their sword-shaped acid green foliage are sometimes know as ‘sword-grass’.


Rock On

The rocks on our beach create natural, rugged, sculptures in colours ranging from pale grey and pink to red and black. They are often streaked with white and green feldspar and quartz.  They are amongst some of the oldest rocks in Britain – and they’re right on our doorstep.


Red Sky At Night …

We’ve been experiencing the most amazing sunrises and sunsets this week. Pastel and vivid colours have been washing across the sky and the light has been dancing on the underside of the clouds. These skies have certainly been a delight.


Hebridean Hideaway

Nice article in the most recent issue of COAST magazine featuring Tiree and Coll. Lots of kind words about the beauty of the two islands and the warmth of the welcome the author received. Blue Beyond even got a small mention …



Care Takers

The two oystercatcher eggs are still in the scrape on the headland just below the cottage. The two parent birds are extremely diligent, and spend their time protecting the eggs against predation. These distinctive black and white waders are common on Tiree and their long and strong orange bill allows them to prise open shell-fish and to probe for worms in the sand.



Looking Towards Crossapol

Because the island is so flat it’s east to get clear and spectacular long distance views to other parts of the island. This view of Soroby and Crossapol beaches, through the leymus beach grass, is from the rocks at the northern end of our beach.


The Waverley

The Waverley will be making a visit to Tiree next week. As the last paddle steamer in regular service around the coast it is a rare sight. There will be an opportunity to climb aboard and enjoy a short trip to Gunna Sound and back.